Sending data to PPTP VPN client

Hi All,

Can someone help me out

I’m trying to send data from a client connected to a HD2 to another client connected on the PPTP VPN to a balance at my datacentre

can’t even ping thru to the PPTP client, is this possible to pull off this scenario at all?
Presumably I need to put some rules in at the datacentre to forward to the PPTP client? I had a look but it wasnt clear what I needed to do:confused:
or will NAT and the VPN always obscure whats at the end of the PPTP tunnel

There’s no firewall blocking anything between peplinks, Could it be a firewall issue on the client?

If a PPTP user connects with the Windows VPN client, by default all traffic is sent through the VPN. The Balance will know how to route to the network. The HD2 side also knows how to reach the PPTP client on the network, so it sounds like a firewall issue. If the Balance and HD2 firewalls are allowing everything through, I would check the firewall on the client’s PC next.

Cool picture, did you use adobe illustrator?