Send all traffic to

Hi All,

Can someone clarify how I should set up the send all traffic rule to allow speedfusion endpoints (Max HD’s) to browse the internet

The system we have doesn’t often require access to the wider internet and operates as an intranet for cameras, VoIP, etc

but if i set all the Max devices to send their traffic to our balance 380, the Max units can no longer connect to the internet, (I’ve set the DNS on the send all traffic to option to be the balance 380, is that right?)
turn this traffic off and its OK again - we can browse the net

Should the send all traffic DNS setting be an internet DNS address?

The global DNS setting is set to either the cellular network DNS’s or the public one’s

if I want all cameras, Max HD’s, etc to be contactable in the shortest route does it make any difference if they are set to send all traffic to our balance

I’m not 100% I’m using the setting right

Hi Michael,

Can you share the network diagram? If you having connectivity below should be fine.
Remote users —> Max device —> SpeedFusion —> B380 —> Internet

No problem to configure DNS server as B380 LAN IP or public DNS.

Traffics via SpeedFusion will be aggregated but traffics via Max’s WAN interfaces will be load balance (per session) basis.