Send All Traffic To PepVPN

It might be useful to have a slight clarification or option on the checkbox
“Send All Traffic To PepVPN”

Currently if this is checked, and the VPN goes down for some reason such as the remote device/cloud instance being unreachable, traffic flows through the WAN ISP connection. This seems a bit confusing to me since one might expect “Send All Traffic To PepVPN” means all traffic will go over the PepVPN only.

It might be useful to have a checkbox option so it was more clear or to have an easy option:

Send All Traffic To PepVPN primary when available enforced (meaning it will only go over the PepVPN)

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This is possible by using outbound policy rules instead of the “Send All Traffic To PepVPN” method.

The “Enforced” algorithm for the VPN does not allow failover to the local WAN connections. The “Priority” algorithm allows you to select which order to fail over to the local WANs if the VPN is down.


Thanks - outbound policy rules method will work. Thanks!

Is there any problem if a device has both
Send All Traffic to PepVPN enabled (for the speedfusion tunnel)
Outbound Policy → Enforced → Any protocol, any source, any destination set to the same speedfusion tunnel?

Just curious – is there any reason to uncheck “send all traffic to the pep vpn” if the outbound policy enforced to the vpn is set under outbound policy? Or if the outbound policy enforced is set to the vpn, is the “send all traffic to pep vpn” just ignored? No problem to leave both?

Please elaborate more why you need to enable Send All Traffic and enforce all traffic to the same PepVPN profile using outbound policy at the same time. What is the used case?

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I don’t need to. I was curious if the two functions would cause any issue with eachother (or I guess what is the purpose of the send all traffic to pepvpn if the outbound policy provides a more feature-rich way to do the same thing and more.)

When I first enabled the outbound policy enforced to vpn I still had “send all traffic to pepvpn” checked and it seemed to make no difference; the outbound policy setting was followed. I was curious if it made any difference at all, or if the outbound policy is designed in such a way that it makes no difference if the send all traffic to pepvpn is checked or not when the outbound policy is specified.