Send all traffic over Fusion VPN

Struggling to figure this out.

I have a 310X and Speedfusion setup and working. The Speedfusion solo is running at our primary home on Gigabit ethernet. The 310X is running using multiple LTE connections and Starlink.

I’d like to send all traffic over the VPN form/to the 310X to the Speedfusion machine but cannot for the life of me get to that checkbox via Incontrol’s management? It is quite obvious but I can’t seem to find it…and can’t seem too find that setting by logging into either 310X or Speedfusion Solo directly on their network (it says managed by in control).


Hi Darrin,
you can select the “Send all Traffic to” on the Gui of the router or in InControl2 you can use the Outbound Policy to do that.


thanks for reply…

When I try to do it on the GUI of the router it won’t let me check the box.

I’ll poke around on outbound policy also.

In IC2 the option to send all traffic to the peer is available on the star architecture (“send all traffic to remote hub”), but not on the point-to-point:


You can employ the star configuration even if you are establishing a connection only between two peers.



Worked! Thank you!

Sorry to bring this up again…

I set up the connection as a star configuration and all traffic would route via the VPN. I was running it unencrypted on fast enough hardware. Speeds were quite slow with two LTE and 2 Starlink connections bonded.

I switched to point to point. Speeds are great but it doesn’t send all traffic via the VPN (very little of it, in fact).

I really wish I could send all traffic to my home location IP via a point to point and get good, bonded speeds.

Any help is much appreciated.


I would uncheck the box that has SF “send all traffic to…” and utilize an outbound policy, either priority or enforced to the SF machine.

Here are a couple of articles to help:

Thank you for the links.

I’m a bit perplexed about something: I have Speedfusion point to point setup between our main house (fiber) and Lake place (StarlinkX2 and LTEX2 using 310X). I have no outbound rules setup. I have good/great bandwidth but as far as I can tell the VPN isn’t being used for most if not all of the traffic…which kind of defeats the bonding concept for greater throughput? My public IP at the lake appears to be a Starlink.

If any consultants want to help me, I’d be happy to pay them for their time (I’m a bit out of my depth). Thx!

@Darrin_Johnson I’m happy to take a look. I’ll send you a private message.