Self-Hosted Questions

I work for a company that’s considering switching from another manufacturer’s router for our field clients.

InControl2 seemed like a better option for us since we can self-host it. I do have a fre questions though.

I can’t seem to specifically find a partner that sells the InControl self-hosted license. Can someone point me in the direction of one? I’m trying to determine cost for my employer.

Also, I can’t seem to find any information as to whether InControl support on the device expires when the instance is being self-hosted. I see that in-warranty devices come with a free subscription to the regular cloud service for a period of time, but what about the self-hosted installations? Basically, if we setup and license the self-hosted appliance, do the devices need their own licenses as well? Or does the self-hosted instance take care of all that?

Thank you!

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Any certified partner can sell you a private InControl appliance. A lot of us hang out on the forum so if you share your location I expect you’ll get PM’d :wink:

The costs for a private IC2 is in two parts. The cost of the appliance itself (physical or virtual) which has an annual support subscription (for updates and support) and then you buy device license packs for the number of devices you want to manage with your IC2 appliance. Those device licences are perpetual and are linked to the IC2 instance not the devices being managed.

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Thanks for the information, I appreciate it.

I did look briefly at several of the partner sites but just couldn’t find the pricing specifically. We are located in the Southwestern USA (New Mexico). We also have an office in the Midwest (Chicago area).

We would definitely do virtual, since we already have a large Hyper-V infrastructure. It would be possibly up to 150 devices to start (could be up to 250 maximum possible in the future, as this is roughly the total number of the other units we are currently using).

I contacted 5gstore about this and they replied:

The ICVA SKU is currently only available by special approval on a case by case basis typically for government. Could you let me know some details on your use case for requiring the private virtual appliance? Typically it’s recommend to get the cloud licensing or warranty extensions on equipment instead as needed.

Please note - With Private virtual appliance you do also still need to maintain your devices under cloud or hardware warranty too.

First off why can’t private companies host their own management software? What does it take to get “approval”?

Secondly “still need to maintain your devices under cloud or hardware warranty” does not make sense to me in this situation as you already have to pay for device license seats in the ICVA server?

Peplink has changed the way ICVA works over time and the perpetual license version is no longer available to new customers.

The base license costs $10K and after the first year the annual maintenance/support is $5K a year.

No device licenses are included and you just need to keep your devices in warranty or an active IC2 subscription.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, that’s unfortunate Peplink went that way. Big black mark against selecting this product for us.