Self-Assigned IP address and can’t connect to Internet

I have a Max Transit that I’m getting setup. Using an AT&T 100GB SIM card. Just updated the firmware to the latest edition.

I was able to connect to the internet a couple times and everything was working well. Now, I keep getting an error on my Mac that says “Wi-Fi has the self-assigned IP address and will not be able to connect to the Internet” or “Wi-Fi does not have an IP address and cannot connect to the Internet“.

This prevents me from even being able to get into the router to look at the settings. Is there something I need to adjust to fix this error?

Been researching this for the past week and still haven’t been able to find a solution. When I mess around with the IP address by copying the IP address from my phone, I can sometimes connect. No idea what’s going on.

Most likely will just submit a ticket to Peplink.

Use an ethernet cable attached to a desktop computer or laptop. With the correct dongle you could also ethernet connect a mobile device. Be sure to disable the wifi of your device so its using the ethernet then connect to the router webpage. if you can get in I would suggest restoring the configuration to factory defaults and then slowly enabling wifi AP settings 1-by-1 until you have validated its working as expected.

If that doesnt work do a factory reset via the reset hole. See here for example

Also would suggest you “forget” the wifi SSID’s on your client devices when performing the factory reset.

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You’re my hero! I was able to connect to the router with my phone and use the data via my phone to access the router. I tried restoring the configuration to factory default and then slowly enabling the wifi AP settings 1-by-1. Sadly, that didn’t work.

However, I did a factory reset. I ran into the same problem again. Did two more resets out of frustration and that did the trick! No idea why or how but now everything seems to be working as it should!