Seeking the best configured bundle solution for sheriffs office

Looking for a router or combination of two routers and service for county sheriff’s office patrol units. The county units currently have 4G Verizon with coverage spotty to nonexistent in some parts of the county. Looking to add AT&T FirstNet SIM or 600 MHZ Wideband 5G T-Mobile SIM.

Hi. We are a Peplink Partner with experience in public safety. I think your message strongly suggests the advisability of a telephone call. I’ll PM you my contact information. - Rick

Definitely going to need a ton more info… with specifics…

What services run in the patrol cars that require connectivity? How much bandwidth? Are you sure adding other carriers will yield better connectivity? I have been in some places where all the carriers are on the same towers so dead zones are dead zones for all carriers.

Is there any city-wide WiFi available?

Whats the budget? $1k per unit? $5k? $10k per unit?