Seeking seamless "mesh" coverage for 3000 sf building



I currently have two Surf SOHO’s covering a 3000 square foot building, wood frame with lathe and plaster walls. But there are dead spots, and using two SSID’s is not perfect. Ethernet is available to plenty of locations.

What’s possible in the PepWave world for unifying these into a single SSID? To what level do PepWave AP’s communicate to each other, in the way promised by Eero and Orbi and Google WiFi and the other “mesh” networks?


Hello @brycenesbitt,
One of the best options we find for centralising the management and making setting uniform (including the SSIDs) for Peplink & Pepwave equipment is InControl2.

There are many previous posts & guides here in the forum on how to setup InControl2.

Once you have InControl2 setup, if you want to add another AP to cover an additional area of your building, you enter its serial number into the group, plug it and to the network, and it will configure itself from the cloud.

Alternatively, you can manage your APs from a Pepliink Balance router that has a built-in AP controller, there again is lots of information on how to do that here in the forum also.

Our company prefers to use InControl2 for all of our clients due to the increased and improved ability to support the systems, others prefer the localised Balance router, there are good reasons for both as they each do work well.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: