Seeking advice on how to borrow or test the Balance device before the final purchase?

Our organization is non-profit and running just only on donation basis, so we have limited funding. Our campus is also in a remote area and we got only ADSL connection. It is not enough bandwidth for VoIP setup while other users use for internet. ADSL got only 1.5 Mbps upload. We would like to add a cellular options so thinking of buying Balance 30. But if this doesn’t work, the device cost be wasted. Is there any way we could borrow and test this for a few weeks and then buy it?
Any suggestion would be appreciated.



Are you located in the United States by chance? You did not mention where you are located? We maybe able to assist if you are in the USA.

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We are at North Fork, CA. How will you be able to assist us. Thanks.

Hello @zhtway,
We suggest that you contact your local Authorised Peplink Partner for specialised assistance.

Your local Certified Peplink Partner can help you with the most suitable solution to your application and demo where suitable.

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Buy from someone that has a 30 day return policy or something? Test and return within in the window if it does not work.

Another option is some credit card companies have return protection. I.e. if you cannot return, within 90 days, you file a claim, and can be reimbursed (NOT a chargeback). Would depend on the card used. I.e. Amex platinum. They some times require you send them the hardware and other times you can keep it and they just credit your account.

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Why was my post flagged??? I offered a possible solution how one can test equipment and return it if a vendor’s return policy does not allow return.

I didn’t do anything. May b the system. Or I saw a few correction or edition by u or system so it might marked as edited. IDK.

I would point out that in my experience VOIP over ADSL is usually fraught with poor voice quality. If it doesn’t perform well don’t blame the router.


What if the cellular router also has a wireless provider connection with 30/5 Mbps speed in addition to 12/1.5 ADSL?

Hi. Likely would improve things significantly but you won’t really know until you check latency, jitter and throughput. What @Don_Ferrario said is exactly correct – the router can only do so much. Having said that, VOIP is carried via 4G all the time – successfully.

The advice @mldowling gave you is good.