Seeing dip in a speed when connected to gigabit connection from Comcast to Balance 20

Hi There,

I recently got Xfinity gig speed upgrade. I’ve connected it to WAN1, I’ve Uverse 75/2, which is on WAN 2.

When I was using old DOCSIS 3.0 modem from xfinity, I was getting 230 Mbps throughput on connection. But after gig upgrade, and using DOCSIS 3.1 modem, the speed has dropped to ~100 Mbps or so.

When I directly connect to Xfinity router even via Wi-Fi I get ~ 500 Mbps. It’s only when I’m connecting device thru Peplink balance 20 the speed is dropping almost half of what it used to be.

My MTU is set to 1472 & my firmware version is - 7.0.1 build 3414.

Any ideas, what can be done to leverage the gig speed?

Thanks in advance,

Just to confirm are you using Balance 20 ? If yes, Balance 20 only rated for 150Mbps for router throughput. For more information, please refer to the URL below:

Thanks for the prompt response and the URL.

I did see the o/p higher than 200 Mbps :). may be I was just lucky till upgraded to DOCSIS 3.1 w/ Gig?

Thanks again!

Make sure the physical interface speeds (WAN) is manual defined to 1Gbps for both devices (B20 & DOCSIS 3.1) to isolate possible interface speeds auto negotiation problem.

If you able to get more than 150Mbps that consider as bonus :grinning: