See users are accessing

With my balance 310, I can see which IP addresses are using the most bandwidth. Is there a way to drill down and see which websites or services are using the most bandwidth per user?

There is no chart or report that will show this information. You could take a look at the Active Sessions table and this will show you what the IP address is connecting to in real-time though.

yeah but it does not show the bandwidth being used for that connection. Just the number of sessions…

This is true but at least you can tell where the connections are going and create firewall rules to block if needed.

One of the cool new features of firmware 6.3.0 is the addition of content filtering at the device level. This can automatically block a lot of sites that shouldn’t be accessed in a work environment.

So I will be able to block access to certain website by MAC address or IP address? that would be very useful. Thanks for your help.

You can create as many outbound firewall rules as you need based on source IP address and destination IP address/domain.