See Balance Routing Tables?

Is there a way to see the current routing tables on a Balance router? Perhaps via CLI (preference) or even GUI?

I am troubleshooting a Balance One with 5 active WANS, where WAN2 is 4GLTE, all others are VSAT, and all are Ethernet. WAN2 is directly connected to a MAX BR1 Mini in IP Passthrough mode. This means WAN2 receives a private IP in the MAX BR1’s DHCP range (192.168.50.x) until a cellular connection is established, then a public IP is passed to the Balance. The problem I’m having is with WAN Health-check, where the Balance is showing WAN2 as “Connected” (green) even though there is no SIM card in BR1 and it’s not possible to successfully perform DNS Lookup to from that interface. I want to see if that route is selected in the routing table or not…

No. Routing tables are massively complex in a multi-WAN dynamic outbound policy based routing environment. I’m not convinced Peplink have thought of a way to show that info usefully.

Yes, because the mini is responding to DNS. Change the healthcheck method to ping a website.

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@MartinLangmaid Thank you so much. I suspected the routing tables would not be readily available and you have answered my question to fix health-check. Almost seems silly to not have figured that before. Thanks again!

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