Security for Surf Mini

I have found out when using my Surf Mini in a campground, others are able to use my surf connection. I’m afraid my security may be compromised. Can others see my info ? Can I add a password ? How ? Thanks, Charlie


You can enhance the security by:

  1. Hide the broadcast of your SSID (This will require for devices connecting to it to manually type in the SSID/Password)


  1. Create a password for your Surf Mini as opposed to leaving it open. You will need to login to your surf mini and you can assign a password to the SSID that the surf is broadcasting. See image below for reference.
    -Change Authentication from open to WPA/WPA2 personal and create your desired password

I tried that and now they are asking for a user name and password to even connect to I tried my password and name from this site but they don’t accept that and now I can’t connect with that url. ?? I never used login info there before.


Try the following username and password:

Username: admin
Password: pep888

If still unable to login please create a support ticket and a member of our support team will be able to assist you.

That seems to have done the trick. THANKS