Security and network resilience for Government Services


  • A government service within Asia Pacific.
  • Unmanned ground vehicle - Responsible for defense, national security, intelligent services etc.


  • Deployment and Installation of a rugged outdoor router for an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
  • Connect UGV back to command centre via VPN.
  • Flexibility to bond bandwidths of the current internet lease line with additional LTE for mission critical conditions.
  • The ability to manage the entire network via the Remote Control Platform (RCP).
  • A flexible configuration with serial ports which may allow further additional peripherals.


  • Deploy Peplink MAX HD4 Quad LTE routers in the UGV and Operator control unit, to enable strong connectivity where it’s needed the most. The HD4 can bond Quad LTE connections giving an unbreakable SpeedFusion VPN tunnel for data transmission security.
  • HD4 router is certified against shock and vibration and features a serial terminal block for secure power supply installation or addition of external peripherals such as sensors.
  • A Balance One Core will be deployed at the Portable Ground Control Station to utilize the existing lease line for added load balancing.
  • The Remote Control Platform will run a Peplink Balance SDX, providing a SpeedFusion endpoint.
  • The Operator Control Unit is fixed, so a Balance One Core router would be used here.
  • Everything can be centrally managed remotely using InControl 2 utilizing Peplinks signature SpeedFusion VPN protocol.
  • If futureproofing your devices is a priority, the HD4 MBX would be a viable choice here. It supports 5G out of the box so when the time comes to implement 5G into the setup, all you need to do is swap out the old cellular module for a new one.

Devices Deployed


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