Secure Your Unbreakable Connectivity!

Secure Your Unbreakable Connectivity!

Tired of renewing subscriptions and Care Plans manually? Now you don’t have to with Auto-Renewal. Available now at the Peplink eStore, Auto-Renewal eliminates the need to manage subscription expires and interruptions caused by gaps in your subscription where you may have forgotten to renew.

As of Apr-20 2021, subscriptions and Care Plans eligible* for auto-renewal will be indicated during checkout at the eStore. This will be automatically processed when the time comes. Easy.

*Valid for Credit Card payments or Credit Terms accounts (on Aug 3rd, 2021)


What is Auto-Renewal?

Auto-Renewal allows your chosen subscriptions to be automatically renewed before expiration, to ensure your subscription is not interrupted.

If a subscription is eligible for auto-renewal, you will see this option during checkout. To opt-in for auto renewal, click Auto-Renewal , then proceed with the purchase process to confirm the order.

Once your auto-renewal subscription has been processed, an order confirmation will be sent to your registered email address.

To see all your devices subscribed to auto-renewal, go to Configure Auto-Renewal under your account.

How can I cancel the Auto-Renewal?

You can cancel your auto-renewal at any time.

After you have logged into the Peplink eStore, go to Configure Auto-Renewal under your account, then uncheck the relevant device/serial number you’d like to unsubscribe from Auto-Renewal.

What kind of products or services are eligible for Auto-Renewal?

Auto-renewal is available to the customers who pay via credit card on the following subscription services:

  • EssentialCare
  • SmartCare
  • TotalCare
  • PrimeCare
  • SpeedFusion Connect
  • IC2 Subscription
  • SpeedFusion Connect LTE (next phase)

When will my subscription Auto-Renew?

For the Care plans/ IC2 subscription, a renewal order will be generated automatically 7 days prior to the expiry date.

For the SpeedFusion Connect / SpeedFusion Connect LTE, the preset trigger is set at 7 days prior to expiry or 10% data remaining, whichever comes first.

What kind of payment method is eligible for Auto-Renewal?

Auto-renewal is only eligible for credit card purchases. Other payment options will be supported in the next phase.

Does Peplink store my Credit Card information for Auto-Renewal?

We have partnered with a Third-Party Service Provider for processing credit card payments. We transmit the entire payment information to the Third-Party Service Provider during order processing. The Third-Party Service Provider may store your credit card information, but we do not store credit information other than the last four digits of your credit card number, which is only used for confirming an order.

What if my credit card has expired or invalid?

After 3 failed attempts, you’re required to input your payment information again.

An email notification with the order will be sent to your email address for you to provide your new credit card information to process the payment.

To ensure your subscription service remains uninterrupted, please retry the payment process again before the expiry date via the payment link at the order. The newly registered credit card will be set to auto-renew by default.

What happens if my device’s Auto-Renewal subscription is under RMA or will be replaced by a new unit with another Serial No.?

The RMA replacement unit will inherit the original unit’s full information, including its ownership and sales registration, subscription, license and warranty information.