Secure and manageable networking with Government confidentiality


  • A government-owned and controlled corporation based in Asia Pacific.
  • To take lead in exploration, development, and production of the country’s oil, gas, and coal resources.
  • Currently using an ISP connection for HQ to site connectivity.


  • Introduce a reliable cellular router that can utilize multiple WAN connections namely their 2 existing ISP (wired) connections and also 1 SIM card for cellular LTE.
  • Having the ability to bond bandwidths or failover seamlessly should the signal be weak.
  • As the data transmitted is confidential, the connection must be through a VPN.


  • Deploy a Balance 380X at the mobile HQ.
  • This enterprise-grade router can support up to 500 users at the HQ, providing up to 3 Gbps of throughput.
  • The added support of up to 100 PepVPN peers gives added security within their infrastructure.
  • The MAX HD2 will be used at all 3 sub-branches.
  • This has the ability to use two different cellular connections from its embedded modems and SIM slots if needed, giving an ultimate edge for providing Bandwidth Bonding or Hot Failover.
  • The MAX HD2 supports 4x GE LAN with the ability to power the devices with its supported PoE output functionality. Ultimately simplifying the setup for your external LAN devices.
  • By utilizing InControl 2, configuring, and controlling your Peplink devices remotely has never been so easy. As the data is highly confidential, this would be self-hosted by the end-user (ICVA).

Devices deployed