Second WAN feature for FusionHUB

I’m worried that you have a road map adding a second WAN for FusionHUB?
It would be nice with an additional license. We need it to compete against Others
What do you think?

To be honest I’d rather Peplink just released a fully featured virtual Balance appliance…

Not like a VM on a decent x86 host can’t do serious throughput these days, especially if you pass NICs directly to the VM using SR-IOV or similar.


This x 1000. I want a full Virtual a balance for use in data centers and big branch offices / DR locations.

I understand how commercially that might eat into the whole balance family product range though, but I think its a different kind of target market to be honest…


Yes, I can see that would be a concern for them. That said most other vendors manage to offer a virtualised equivalent of their firewalls / routers and it is currently an area Peplink is lacking in against the competition.

We buy licences for Fortigate virtual firewalls, we also buy Fortigate hardware appliances - the two do not compete with each other for us, but instead allows us to deploy a consistent system across a variety of environments for our clients.

I would hope that a sensible licencing model could be arrived at that would allow Peplink to feel comfortable releasing such a product.

By all means charge a recurring fee to licence the instance, and charge per active WAN port or number of PepVPN peers - recurring revenue from licencing I’d think is pretty attractive vs hoping that we all upgrade our hardware appliances every 3-5 years or keep up the support contracts (which let’s face it, I don’t bother with once a box has got to a certain age). :slight_smile:


That would be pretty cool.

we receive this question for a virtual balance also often from enterprise customers.
Even if 3Gbit/s throughput of a tunnel is not enough.

I think the licence cost for using LAN and WAN Ports or more throughput would be no problem for this type of users.


We are looking into this. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Thanks All for your comments.
I think, Future trend will be on Mobile SD-WAN. And Peplink Hardwares for Mobile SD-WAN is the best in the market. And the Market share of the Balance series will be decreased, That’s why, I offered a Full Virtual appliance is important for competition.

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