Second syslog server for redundancy

Currently Peplink devices only allow for one syslog server destination. Please add a second syslog server. We wish to have one cloud based and another local for redundancy.

Client Requirement: Need to store a list of connected clients and where possible their data usage for a period of two years. This important in order for us to comply with federal regulations with regard to lawful interception and data retention when working with certain government departments, namely the
National Broadband Network.

I could not find this in ic2 either so It seems like syslog is the best way to go however will require another one for redundancy.


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Normal practice we always forward the logs from Primary syslog server to the secondary syslog server. Also IC2 API allow you to download the logs for long term storage.


I’m not seeing that a secondary syslog is configurable. Are you saying it should be, or that you’d suggest using the syslog server to forward the logs to the secondary server? What if the primary fails? It would be nice to be able to define a secondary within the Peplink configuration. The same with the TACACS+ server.