Second LAN port on higher-end Balance models to support redundant connections to switch stack

In the not-so-distant future, we might like to upgrade our Balance 30 to one of your higher-end models (especially if the requested VoIP features come to pass), but we like the 30’s ability to have redundant connections to our switch stack. If the higher-end models had at least two LAN ports, we could connect one each to the top and bottom of our switch stack as we do now with the 30 to increase our resilience against a switch (not a Peplink) failure. If we had this kind of protection, we might also go to your highly-redundant model, so that the redundant unit could connect to two random units in the middle of the switch stack to further increase our resilience to multiple device failures (we have dirty power…). (Otherwise, you could add a software option to have one of the 30’s LAN ports work as a VRRP interconnect…)

A valid request, Telford. Let us take a good look at this. Please stay tuned.