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I would like a way to search inControl2 for specific LTE carrier sim cards. I use Verizon and AT&T mostly and would like an easy way to keep track of where my sim cards are without the need for using tags or special naming.

Can you elaborate the problem/use case more? We are not certain as to how you want to search for specific SIM cards.

I mean if you search by carrier, then you will get lots of results. If you search by IMSI numbers, they are not user friendly.

So we need to understand the root problem precisely. Thanks.

I would like to search by carrier. Would also like the results to show if
the card is active, or inactive.

A page that lists the ICCIDs corresponding to the device would be nice.

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did you see that they are mentioned in the device csv extract? (but it is less convenient of course)

Thanks that works.

To expand on that it would be nice to have the dashboard list the band in use and carrier visible without having to hover over the WAN antenna icon.

I understand your point but it is difficult to fit the needs of everybody for the look and feel of IC2. Somebody else might not want too much information on the screen.

Efforts should be put in the API’s…

I must be having a brain fart. How do I generate device.csv?

bottom left in a group : “download as CSV”

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I see the IMSI, ICCID, and IMEI for Cell A. What I’m looking for is the carriers for both slots. Is there an easy way to find that?

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