Seamless Failover from Ethernet to LTE


  • A global leader in tire manufacturing.
  • Operates in South East Asia as well as exports to North America and Europe.
  • Operating for over 50 years with various highly successful subsidiaries.


  • HQ load balancing router must be able to support the current 3 fixed ethernet connections.
  • Future expansion plans mean potentially 2 more connections need support.
  • The branches have 1 fixed ethernet line, so an extra LTE as the failover would be great.


  • Due to the expansion plans and to futureproof, we would recommend a Balance 710 to be deployed at the headquarters.
  • This enterprise-grade router can provide up to 2.5Gbps and features 7 WAN ports allowing them to future proof their setup.
  • The default drop-in mode compatibility makes this device versatile to be used in conjunction with the pre-existing network infrastructure such as the firewall and internal server.
  • As the branches only require 1 additional LTE connection along with their ISP, a MAX Transit would be used.
  • This can use the primary ISP link with an LTE backup for Hot Failover or even Bandwidth Bonding for heavy bandwidth needs, ensuring a consistent and reliable connection.
  • The MAX Transit device supports up to 150 users, which is more than enough for the small branches.

Devices deployed


Hi Eric. In this architecture, at the Headquarters, 3xISP seems to be connected to the firewall, not the 710. Correct ?
We have an existing close design branch/HQ like this. PEPLINK+CHECK POINT at the HQ. 580 is agregating 2xISP, Check Point behind the 580 for FW/inspection trafic IN/OUT of the LAN. We would like implement Check Point inspection for branches trafic (1xISP + 1xLTE, PEPVPN) before allowing the branch data flow go to Internet.

Hi Eric,

You may find this post useful: Outbound Policy - network behind firewall.

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@eric.plunian sounds like you are asking about the same thing as Rudy here Redirect branches traffic to firewall behind Balance 580

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