SDX SFP 2+ won't connect over 10 Gig when used as LAN

Trying to get our SDX to connect over MM 10 gig Fiber, same transceivers are used on the WAN side with no problem. The physical port on the router shows the activity light, as well well as the other device shows the connection. However when in the support page it shows the link as “Down”


@Christopher_Toth ,

Support.cgi page is more to the internal tools for advanced users. Sometimes some of the features available in the supposrt.cgi may not correctly showing the status.

May know the traffics able to passthrough the 10G fiber port ? If yes, potential it’s the support.cgi 10G Fiber port WebUI display issue. Please open a ticket to allow Support team to check on that.

Traffic is unable to pass through,

@Christopher_Toth, if that is the case, probably a support ticket is needed to have our team take a closer look.

If possible, please help to furnish the transceiver brand/product code and the peer device(s) brand/model so the team has more information to kick start the investigation.