SDX / SDX Pro in HA w/ LTE Expansion(s?)

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I have a client who is interested in 2 x SDX Pro’s in High Availability w/ LTE modules. Has anybody done this before? I’m curious how the LTE connections and respective SIMS behave in HA when a failover occurs.


Would I need to have LTE expansion modules in each of the routers?

If yes - would I need active SIMs in both modules or would the backup router be able to use the SIMS in the primary’s module?

What would happen to LTE traffic during a transition between HA units?


No you don’t need LTE expansion in both for HA to work.

The backup router can not use SIMs from the primary routers module.

Same thing that happens to any WAN traffic during a failover event. All sessions drop and are rebuilt on demand on the backup router once it has taken over.

If you didn’t have a LTE module in the backup router then traffic that was passing over LTE on the primary would need a policy to fall back to the wired WANs on the backup if you wanted them to recover during a fail over event.

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This is great, thanks Martin!