SDX: one of Peplink's most powerful routers put to use


  • A leading digital bank in Asia Pacific
  • Among the first in Asia to embrace technological innovation to empower its customers
  • Renowned ‘Best Digital Bank’ by prestigious institutions for several years.


  • To create an unbreakable SD-WAN configuration between 1 HQ branch and 200 remote branches.
  • To create an aggregated VPN link (minimum 20Mbps throughput) from remote branches to HQ via Fibre connection to remote sites using LTE and DSL.
  • Indoor deployment - HQ router must be able to handle over >650 users from 200 remote branches

Recommended Solution

  • We would propose a Balance SDX at the HQ and a Balance One Core for each remote branch. Coupled with FusionHub and SpeedFusion VPN to create a strong and scalable configuration.
  • The Peplink Balance SDX is one of the most powerful routers of our Balance portfolio. Delivering unbreakable connectivity to high-end enterprise users by combining the speed of multiple WAN connections with a maximum throughput of 12Gbps.
  • A Balance One Core is perfect for usage at remote branches due to several benefits such as the ability to combine DSL and LTE when needed. The absence of WiFi means a secure network connection with no entry for hackers.
  • For when connectivity is needed the most, SpeedFusion will provide you with unmatchable and reliable features such as Hot Failover and Bandwidth Bonding.
  • Adding FusionHub can provide a mesh network setup alongside the Balance SDX. This makes the network very reliable and resilient, eliminating downtime.
  • With the use of Peplink’s InControl 2 Cloud based SD-Wan network management configuration, you can monitor and manage the entire configuration. This also allows for valuable data to be collected for analysis and even improvements in the workflow process.
  • For this configuration, using SpeedFusion Cloud can be an alternative to FusionHub without the need for complicated hardware deployment. You can choose multiple endpoints in public clouds all over the world.

Devices Deployed

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