SDX LAN Ports as WAN

Hello guys,

I have an customer that requires 4 Ethernet WAN connections (1 Gbps total throughput) and 2 LTEA connections.

In our design the SDX fits perfect in case there is the option of LAN to WAN in the default LAN ports.

Can you please confirm if this is possible?

I will be very attentive to your response.

Best Regards


@Juan_carlos_Luna_kan, currently, the SDX only allows the 8x GE PoE+ Module (EXM-8C) to be assigned as Ethernet (copper) LAN or WAN ports.

If the requirement is 4x Ethernet (copper) WAN ports + 2x LTEA connections using the SDX model, you may consider the copper Transceivers to convert the 2x SFP+ ports to make it 4x Ethernet (copper) WAN ports.