SD-WAN as a services design recommendation

I am looking for some inside regarding the best way to set up SD-WAN as a service.

  • What are the best equipment to start with ( scalability)
  • We want to offer services to the different clients
  • We want to offer speedfusion services, Hot failover

Thank you

Its all relative of course - and likely dependant on your datacentre architecture.
The simplest way to get started is with hosted FusionHubs in the datacentre. That scales very well. Then any primecare device at the customer end.

Many people use the B20X, Max Transit Duo and Balance 310 5G as they are all Primecare devices which makes the licensing even easier.

If you have more complex datacentre needs (HA Datacenters, HA firewalls, complex internal routing) you might need to look at the larger balance appliances.

I suggest you contact a Peplink partner or consultant if you need design assistance for this.