SD-SWITCHES: Management LAN concept: VLAN ID = 1 <> untagged LAN

Dear forum,

I really do not understand the VLAN concept Peplink has introduced for management LAN on the new SD SWITCHES in comparison to the routers (e.g. balance one/two). Maybe you can help me with an explanation?

  1. Why do the SD SWITCHEs only have a VLAN1 (ID=1) and not an untagged LAN (ID= NONE (=0))?

  2. Why can’t I add the SWITCHES in Incontrol2 to the untagged LAN of the routers? But can add the routers to the SD SWITCH Management LAN (VLAN1)?

  3. Should I add the routers to the VLAN1 of the SWITCHES? What would happen, if I would do so? What, if I would remove the untagged LAN (ID=0) assignment to the routers afterwards?

Some screenshots toi explain further details:

Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Noone having any idea? :pensive:

ive had this question for years,

Im absolutely dumbfounded about this, it makes no sense and causes all sorts of trouble, fortigates just do not like vlan 1 as untagged and drop all traffic.

Not to mention some netgear switches come preconfigured with vlans 1-10 being unable to be changed or modified, this just breaks the whole thing.

the only solution ive found is to use a small managed cisco switch, then have that bridge vlan 1 and untagged, and that solved my connection problems with fortigates and other hardware but i mean cmon guys , this shouldn’t even be a thing.

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I agree that this is confusingly done, and looks odd in IC2 with the seperate balance vs SD-SWITCH options.

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