SD Switch: stacking?

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming SD Switch! I noticed today that 3gstore has it listed with “Stacking: Yes” called out… given it’s limited to 24 ports, this would make a pair of these a very appealing replacement for the 48 port Cisco switch we’re using currently. However, I don’t see any actual references to stacking in the datasheet. Can anyone from Peplink confirm if it the SD Switch does or does not support stacking?

Do you refer to this link from 3GStore? And your definition of “Stacking” is, connect 2 or more switches together via Stacking Cable to form a cluster of switch that will be managed as single entity?

This is not available yet but it will be forwarding to Engineering Team to review.

Thanks for pointing out, we will rectifiy the information with 3GStore.

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our page has been updated, thanks for letting us know.

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Thanks for the confirmation! Any possibility of a 48 port model?

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We have 8-port and 48-port versions in the works for later this year. This is important for customers building a complete deployment based on our Switches.

No ETA for the moment.


That’s fantastic news, thank you! I’ll be looking forward to the 48 port model for sure.

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Hello Keith, @Keith
Is there any future plans to combine an SD switch with a Balance router into one package.
It would be terrific having Peplink Balance One routers with PoE+ and an optional Rack mounting kit to boot.
The technology in a Balance One is really quite impressive and I’m sure your engineers must have been forward planning when they built this initial model, I’m sure that the full potential of the Balance One is yet to be reached.
Marcus :slight_smile:

@kgarvey can you tell us your specific reasons for the 48 port and what power budget you will need?

Also what do you like and dislike about our first SD Switch 24Port? Thanks.

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I’d be using it to replace our existing 48 port Cisco switch, which while very functional is just a bit of a pain to manage. All my other equipment (router, APs) is Peplink/Pepwave. It’d be really nice for me to be able to administer everything in one place. I guess I could buy two 24 port models… but I’d prefer one bigger switch. I’m also pleased to see SFP+ and 10 GbE. The SG200-50P we’re using now only has SFP ports.

In terms of power budget, I’m not sure. Currently we just have our AP One AC Minis running on POE, but at some point in the future we may switch to POE phones, but I don’t think either of these cases requires a ton of power, so given options I’d probably choose the lowest in terms of wattage. If I was buying the 24 port switch today I’d get the 550 watt model. We do have some cameras, but those are running off the NVR unit so it’s supplying the power.

From what I’ve seen, the only “complaint” I have about the 24 port model is that I wish it had more ports. It looks great to me otherwise. I’m really excited about having a switch up in InContol with the rest of my equipment.

FWIW, it’d be nice to see an update to the Router Utility app (or a new app altogether) to match what’s available in InControl2… including the ability to get into remote admin. UBNT’s Unifi app is pretty impressive, for example, and seems to do a good job of presenting the same info/control as the web-based controller.


Thank you so much for the insight. I do agree an IC2 app is long overdue… stay tuned :slight_smile: We are working hard on it. :muscle:


Yes on the 8 Port!!!

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Any ETA for the 8 and 48 port switches?

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