SD Switch SFP ports


Can SD Switch SFP+ Ports be used as downlink or they just work as uplink ports?
We have to connect one AP, that is reachable only by fiber but would like to avoid using media converter, since SFP port is already in the switch :slight_smile:


Another question:
Can SFP ports be aggregated?

How about creating a new topic dedicated for SD Switch only?

The SFP ports on SD-Switch just 1Gbps or 10Gbps interfaces. This is depending on how you want to use it.

You allow aggregating both SFP ports only if the aggregation has to be done on these 2 ports.

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So i can use SFP ports either to connect to Balance 2500 as uplink, or AP One Enterprise via media converter as downlink right?

Do I understand correctly that I can aggregate only SFP or Ethernet links?

Please provide a network diagram on what you want to do. This allows me to provide better advice.

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sorry for such delay. Here is my network diagram:
Network Diagram

  1. Can I use SFP port in SD Switch No. 2 as downlink to connect AP One Enterprise (via media converter on APs side)?
  2. Can I aggregate 2 SFP links between BLC2500 and SD Switch No 1?
    Thanks for help!
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Why you need the media converter ? The distance for the AP to the SD Switch is over the UTP cable length ?

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Exactly. The length is over 200m and there is optic cable installed already,

Yes for both question 1 and 2.