SD Switch MIB File


Is there an MIB file for SD Switch? We need to control PoE toggle via SNMP on our network monitoring software.


Hi @MacBee,

There is no SNMP MIB files for SD Switch. SNMP MIB files are available only for Balance, MAX, AP One, Surf On The Go series devices. You can find them in this link:

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Thank you for the prompt response Rokas - will it be released for SD Switch soon?

Thank you

Hello @MacBee,
I’ve changed to to a feature request for you.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

Hello Marcus

Thank you !

Can we put a feature request to add - IF-MIB and Bridge-MIB (RFC-4188) for automatic port mapping. And RFC-3612 for PoE toggle. Or if there is any API for SD Switch we can use that for the toggle.

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@MacBee, your request has been filed. Engineering team will look into it. Thanks for your feature request.