SD Switch - IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic Link Aggregation

Does the Peplink SD Switch support IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic Link Aggregation?

I need to connect a Synology DS1817+ to a network with 20 users…

Yes the switches do support this. You can set it up from the UI of the Switch under Configure > Switch Ports and than click on a port. A Port Settings screen will pop up. You can click on the ports that you want to use for link aggregation and a check box will come up to enable aggregation.

Or it can be setup using IC2. From the switch Device Level click on one of the ports.

On the next screen you can click on the ports that you want to select for bonding. You’ll need to click the check box again here to enable Link Aggregation.


Awesome, thanks for your quick reply!

I noticed this can also be done with the SFP ports.
Since the Synology DS1817+ also has the option for a dual 10Gbe SFP expansion card I am wondering if this would be worth with the investment.

I might have up to 20 Mac’s running Time Machine backup through this network.
Access of other data is just small files and occasionally encrypted archives of closed cases.

The 24 and 48 port switches do support 10G via the SFP port but the 8 port switch is 1G only.

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Thanks, I noticed that on the specs I have the 24port POE switch.

Question is if its worth the effort to invest into 4 SFP modules and one SFP expansion card to max this out…