Scheduling Firmware update on BR1

I’m new to Pepwave. I have numerous devices deployed. I would like to update our BR1’s and AP One’s to the newest firmware with minimal user impact. So I am wanting to do this at 2:00 AM CST or 02:00. The interface will not take the military time option of 02:00. And i am afraid if i set it to 2:00 it may kick off at 2 PM in the afternoon which would irritate the user base. What am I doing wrong or can I set it to 2:00 AM? Thanks



2:00 is 0200 (2am) and 14:00 = 1400 (2pm). I see what you mean and yes it isn’t fully military time, as the first 0 isn’t there for the single digit AM times.

Gosh, I missed that by a mile. Thanks for the info. I should have played with it more. LOL