Scheduled WAN availability

Thread title pretty much sums it up. A customer asked us about this today, and thinking about it, it would be of use to us here at 3Gstore as well.

The way I envision the feature is an extra section per each WAN setting. I could tell it (similar to the scheduled SSID availability in the AP One) what blocks of time or what days I want certain WANs to be available.

One use case would apply to us and our remote employees. Each remote employee has a Balance of some form. Each remote employee also has a USB modem for LTE failover. We would want to say USB WAN is available 9-5 Monday to Friday, disconnect all other times. During those times WAN 1 could failover the LTE. If its outside that time WAN 1 wouldn’t failover to LTE since its outside work hours and we don’t want to rack up tons of data during personal activity on remote employees network, Netflix etc.



This has actually been a heavily requested feature for a “Time Based” algorithm from many customers/resellers as well.

This is definitely on our road map and should be included on the next major release after 6.2.0. I don’t have a ETA on this currently.

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