Scheduled Individual Bandwidth Limit & Group Bandwidth Reservation

It would be awesome to be able to schedule the User Bandwidth limit for specific times and days on a repeating schedule. We have infrastructure that has shared internet with tenants and we allow for more bandwidth allocation based on usage and hours for UDP traffic over Aspera and Signiant clients. Ideally I would love it if we could (similar to CRON jobs) allow for greater bandwidth rules for users classes (staff / manager / guests) or specific machines (MAC ID’s) during specifically defined hours. If this was added, we would certainly upgrade our hardware or for version 7 since your eco system is awesome.

Additionally, it would be greater still if you could define more user classes than just staff / managers / guests…but I am guess that would be a bit more troublesome. The best way to do this is just open it up so that there is the simple management you have now, and an advanced management based on MAC IDs with a rules setup to avoid having more user classes. I might be wrong, but I didn’t see an easily understood way of accomplishing this currently.

I doubt that MAC address would be a good index to use. Only devices on the LAN will expose the MAC address. Multi-router environments wouldn’t work with a MAC address index. PPTP clients are another class of devices that you won’t see a MAC address for (normally).

I get what you are saying though. IP would be a better index. The problem is that individualized bandwith profiles would not scale well. Imagine a network with over 1000 devices - imagine how CPU intensive it would be to see a packet, interrogate it for src and dst IP, then match that to a table for bandwith allowances, then check for outbound routing, then check if the firewall will allow it. Then, it has to monitor the usage to impose the limits. This is probably the same reason why there is only 3 user groups.

I do think that implementing a schedule for varying bandwith shaping would be a good feature for some. Personally, I don’t need it; but I can see that it would be useful. I don’t think it would be that hard to implement since they have a schedule object and designer built - they would just have to create a job to swap the profiles at specific days and times (cron). All the other features could work as they are - the only “change” would be the profile for bandwith shaping.

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Totally understand. CPU load would be a concern. But have a schedule on the classes already present makes sense.

Maybe adding it for a set number of servers too would be plausible for the higher end units with more processing power.