Scheduled and Timed Rules

I’d really like to see a timed feature on rules. We need to block Facebook during working hours (8AM-5PM Mon-Fri)) but allow it during lunch (12-1PM) and weekends. It is pretty labor intensive for someone to enable, disable, enable, disable rules every working day so they end up not doing anything. This is onboard yachts so they live and work in the same space.

Is there going to be any action on this, it’s been over a year???


This has been scheduled to v6.3. Stay tuned.

What’s the status on V6.3, still waiting for those timed rules?


They are still on the road map for 6.3 fw (Current fw is 6.2.2). No ETA at this time.

+1 on this.
Is this available on 6.3?

Many thanks

Yes it is and I did a post showing how to set it up.

See this post:

Thank you, I will read that now.
All the best,

Any news on this? The link above doesn’t work. It would be great to be able to change content rules based on the time of day.

It has been a built in feature since 6.1 I believe…

Correction, 6.3 and found it by searching so something has changed on the new forum:

Here’s my instructions on to create the schedule: "facebook blocking" - #27 by Rexymav