Schedule device reboot for a later time (with ability to cancel) from cli ala cisco 'reload in'

Would be nice to be able to schedule a device reboot to occur with a snapshotted configuration at a particular time in the future – the feature is to enable making remote configuration changes which might impact device availability while maintaining the highest probability of recovery if things don’t go as expected …

Something to enable below pattern:

schedule the device to reboot with the current configuration (saved at the time the reload command is run) in 10 minutes

> reload in 10

go into web ui and make a configuration change/changes, hit apply

if you can still access the device and cli and are happy with the change, then run the below command before 10 minutes are up

> cancel reload

if you didn’t hit cancel reload before the ten minute timer expires – probably because you locked yourself out of the cli interface, then the peplink will reboot and apply the configuration from the time ‘reload in’ was run, restoring its saved state before the changes were made and almost certainly ensuring you still have a configuration sufficient for remote administration