Hello Fellows!

I would like to have your input on a project i’m planning to implant in two of our office.

Here is the scenario :

Site 1:

2 internet connection.

peplink balance 210 will be installed there.

Site 2:

1 internet connection only.

Info :

VPN site to site is needed between the two office.

1 connection should prioritize VPN traffic , while the other prioritize http traffic. Both connection should be used at full potential when vpn traffic is absent. Any best practice to suggest?

Also, for site number 2, do i really need to get another Balance210 to achieve the site-to-site vpn connection? Could i use something less expensive?

Please let me know asap :slight_smile:


yes , to use Peplink site to site VPN Bonding both locations should use Peplink device.

other traffic management features you asked about could be easily implemented using outboaud policy

and site to site VPN connection priority settings.