SCA (Single Channel Architecture) WLAN support?

Can I set all my AP’s on the same channels using the same BSSID even if they overlap each other?

Is SCA (Single Channel Architecture) WLAN supported by Pepwave AP’s managed by Peplink routers?

I am by no means an authority, but I don’t believe so. Systems that provide this support have a client authentication token “sharing” mechanism so the client doesn’t have to reauthenticate when moving. I have not seen that option, nor have I seen it on the forum. I imagine so would just make your client choke. (Become unresponsive)

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Thanks for your reply. I was also doubthting but hopefull that this would be supported.

I think it is just a matter of time before the APs have some sort of mechanism for roaming control. Some of the encryption stuff is hardware dependent, but these engineers at Peplink are capable of amazing things - I am sure they will work something out so that when a client authenticates with an AP, the information about the connected device is propogated behind the scenes to a controller that can do prep work in the background and populate information into the neighboring APs.

Another approach is to have a single broadcast channel and then the WLAN controller determines which AP will service the device.

If it is possible to do with software alone - they will figure something out. If it requires specialized hardware for the encryption - they may never go into that area - the hardware costs would be too significant.

Fwiw - I haven’t had any issues with dropped wifi calls due to roaming, so it is fast enough for me as it is. The handoff latency really only causes issues with voip, and usually when there is a radius server involved in the authentication process.

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