Say Hi to our newest edition MAX Adapter!


Say Hi to our newest edition MAX Adapter!

The small but mighty MAX Adapter aims to protect and reinforce existing Peplink products or Windows/Linux devices. Making it the perfect solution for those wanting to access an additional 5G/LTE WAN. Whether your deployment is stationary or on-the-go, it’s sure to have the solution for you!

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Heck yea!

Will this just plug into a MAX Transit DUO and show up as another managed modem/WAN connection?

edit: HAH I found the youtube video showing exactly that. awesome!

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The specs say that n71 support is NSA, not SA (standalone). Will this be upgraded in the future so we can take advantage of rural areas that may have n71 available but are out of range of the LTE towers?

Sorry to be negative I must admit I don’t get this product.

It is the same price as several 5g mobile hotspot which offer more functionality .
It doesn’t seem to offer any more features that a basic usb 5g dongle (with exception of being able to use external antenna).
Features I would expect:
Incontrol management and reporting
built in pepvpn capability to allow a laptop to make a direct connection

Features that would have been advantageous:
Battery (so it can be best placed in a room to use that 5g functionality).

Or am I missing something that others are seeing?

I think vs an off the shelf battery powered hotspot the Dual SIM + eSim is an interesting feature - but there isn’t much info on how the eSIM side is provisioned / managed?

I wonder if this can this be used with the Peplink SIM Bank?

Depending on the USB interface provided too whilst this may be a nice way to add 5G connectivity to a legacy product I’d be concerned about the potential bandwidth limitation of the USB interface, we have seen some very high throughout from 5G boxes in urban areas (Huawei CPE pro connected via Ethernet to a 310X I’ve seen close to a gigabit of real TCP throughput in central London).

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i think this makes a lot of sense, it’s without a battery, which is a plus, no risk of battery swelling and is really just a 5g modem that connects via usb to peplink appliances, i get that hotspots have their own UI and wifi, but this is not a consumer device. I’d like to try one, but unsure if it’s sprint compatible. can anyone provide a imei i can check with my carrier? the thales model is the same as a t99w175, which is sprint approved.

Hello and Good Day

Can it provide WAN to a Surf soho via USB?

Can you share the link to the video for connecting to a MAX Transit DUO? I found the video adding the adapter to devices with standard USB ports but not the Transit…

I’ve looked at it again and you are right!

I’m also very interested if this is compatable with the Max Transit line of devices… especially the DUO!!


I’ve got my first MAX adapter and set it up and works great connected to USB of my MAX HD2.
A few questions.

How do you set up different APNs for the SIMS?
How do you swap SIMs when the data allowance runs out?

Thanks in advance

I have a Balance 30 router (about 8 years old) and would like to add this. Will the USB port on the Balance router support the data speeds of 5G?

Hi there, looks interesting but unless I’m missing something there is no way to securely attach the USB C connector? Being a max product I’m assuming it’s aligned with your product range that find themselves in installations that move vibrate etc meaning the USB cable could easily work is way loose?

No it wouldn’t. And even if it could, an 8 year old Balance 30 router can only do 100Mbps total throughput.

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Also, in the future, will LTE band selection become available?

hot glue it in place.

The USB connector you mean?

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yeah, it it should be enough to stop it falling out, can be easily removed if it needs to be. Used it a few times on raspberry pi projects to stop the jumper cables falling off.


@james.webster1 @MartinLangmaid … Mine came with a secure USB cable … it has a screw on USB C connector at the adapter end. Its rock solid. No glue needed! Another great, well thought out Peplink product. If you want to glue it in it your computer or other device then go for it!

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Got mine not to long ago as well, works very nice on a windows computer but how/when can we use it on our apple products??? I really would like to connect this to my macbook and this would also reduce the number of devices I travel with every time…

Is the SIM card slot designed for Full Size SIMs? I’ve checked the official specs and was unable to confirm. Sorry if I missed it.