Saving More Robust SD-WAN Infrastructure

Since its founding in 1968, Lameri has combined family tradition and innovation to establish a unique position in the Italian agri-food sector. The company produces its Lameri-branded breakfast cereals and other cereal-based finished products as well as semi-finished cereal products for the confectionery and baking industry.

Reliable and Affordable Replacement

The Lameri Group relied on an MPLS network to connect their headquarters to six production plants as well as its warehouse facilities. However, this network was no longer able to keep pace with Lameri’s growth. Bandwidth constraints degraded the user experience with server-based and cloud-based systems. Expanding the MPLS network to outlying structures was prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, the MPLS was a single point of failure in Lameri’s information infrastructure. Should the MPLS fail, all of their facilities would lose access to the network.

Lameri asked Know IT to review their infrastructure and propose an alternative that offered lower recurring costs and easy management while supplying both scalability and redundancy. Know IT built its proposed solution around Peplink’s innovative SD-WAN technology.

Peplink Devices Used by Lameri
Peplink’s Resilient, Affordable Solution

Two Peplink Balance 380 routers were installed in the main office and a Peplink Balance 305 in each peripheral structure. Peplink’s innovative SpeedFusion™ Technology aggregates the bandwidth of all available connections by creating VPN tunnels between the main office and the endpoints in Lameri’s infrastructure. SpeedFusion’s WAN smoothing algorithms minimize packet losses and eliminate jitter in VoIP calls. And should a land line fail, SpeedFusion’s Hot Failover reroutes data to maintain session persistence.

To improve the system’s reliability further, Know IT installed Peplink MAX HD2 routers in facilities where landlines were absent or at risk of failure. With integrated 4G LTE technology, the Peplink MAX HD2 overcomes the limitations of landlines.

Management of the new infrastructure was unified under Peplink’s InControl2 cloud-based endpoint management system. Lameri’s staff can now monitor the health of lines and devices themselves and push out configuration changes remotely.

Lower Costs, Better Performance, Lower Risks

Today, Lameri runs a scalable and redundant network that includes backup capabilities. Site connectivity is reliable, secure, and guaranteed “always-on” for the Lameri Group head office and between peripheral plants. With the Peplink SD-WAN solution, Lameri achieved every objective required:

● Performance: With the new Peplink solution including SpeedFusion™ Technology, bandwidth is improved in all Lameri Group locations, increasing both the user experience for interactive activities and the speed of batch processes.

● Redundancy in Connectivity: The Peplink solution involves the use of multiple lines. At the most critical Lameri Group sites, both lines are active in order to reduce the probability of faults, while the less strategic sites are developed on a classic 4G line backup.

● Easy Management and Monitoring: Incontrol2 allows Lameri to not only configure and manage the Peplink devices remotely, but also to check in real time the state of health of the lines and devices themselves.

● Cost: After the implementation of the Peplink network, the Lameri Group confirmed significant savings on operating costs.