SAML/SSO for ICA Appliance

It would be ideal if SAML and/or single sign on could be added to the Peplink ICA product, it would enhance the security of the product and also means its able to be used in scenarios with customer projects where platforms must have an SSO capability (becoming more frequent now and we are migrating many of our systems to use Okta as a result)

If you could support a platform like Okta it would be ideal.

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It already supports Google ID not sure if you could convert/plug one to the other

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Google ID isnt a solution we’d want to use, its not one of the better solutions out there to be honest, thanks though.

@cgreen I am just now getting into the peplink space (for personal use) but have been in the SAML weeds for years now. I’ll keep tabs on this discussion for sure. :slight_smile: