Same subnets with Tunnel?


We have 2 Peplink connected by a PepFusion tunnel. Each one use a different subnet. We use them with audio-ip codecs. Here you can see the network structure

Actually we can do audio calls from the network to the network only. We can’t do calls from 100 subnet to 50 subnet. Echa codec uses a specific incoming port.

If we use a codec with ip but conected to a PEPLINK Balance Lan port i can do a call to network

Is there any way to join all at the same subnet ( or to make calls in both ways?

Note: there’s no phisical way to put the codecs on the Peplink Balance LAN ports.

Thank you so much

Why do you have drop-in mode enabled on the balance one? What’s on the LAN of it?

Calls from 192.168.50.x/24 to work because you are using NAT on the WAN of the Balance one (there is NAT between the remote peers and the corporate network). They also don’t work the other way because you are using NAT on the WAN of the balance 1.

If you can disable drop in mode and add a static route to the corporate gateway ( for with as the next hop then it should all come right.

I thought i must enable it to access all 100 subnet devices an Balance with a 100 subnet ip at the same time. There’s nothing actually at the Balance LAN ports

so… i have to disable drop-in, and add a static route at the gateway forcing it to access through, right?

Is there any chance to use One-To-One NAT to virtualize 192.168.50.x ip’s to 192.168.100.x IP’s?

Drop In mode Lets the Balance One act as a transparent bridge between devices connected on WAN1 and LAN1. That’s not what you need in this situation as far as I can tell.


Do you think we can do calls from corporate network public IP using this method ?

Depends on the codec I suppose.

If it was SIP/RTP then this would work fine. All y9ou’re doing is routing the traffic from one subnet to another. Most codecs support this kind of topology.

Just remember to set the WAN on the balance to IP forwarding and not NAT, that way it will accept traffic from the corporate network on its WAN and forward it to the remote network.