I have one requirement where remote branches use the same subnet in all branches. The speed fusion VPN is established b/w HUB device and Remote branches, now the issue is since all branches use the same subnet particularly one server with exact same IP on all braches need to communicate with HO server how HO is going to identify the traffic source? Is ant why we can tackle this setup? eg: by using some kind of NAT or some other way? Please let me know if some have a similar. Please see attached Network diagram for better understanding

The answer to your question is: Don’t do that. There is, literally, no way to accomplish what you’re asking for. It’s not a limitation in Peplink’s firmware. It’s the way IP routing works.

The solution is to renumber the branches so they have different subnets.

You need to use virtual network mapping. Explanation here:

Although we wouldn’t always choose to, there are loads of really good reasons to have the same subnet in use in multiple ‘branches’ or remote peers - reducing the support overhead is one, simplifying multiple installations at scale etc.

Luckily we have virtual network mapping to make this manageable when we need central access to loads of remote sites that use the same subnets.

Steve Taylor made a video here showing how

Thanks Martin for your inputs. its really helped. Do you have any vedio how VNM done on peplink balnce20X .
Thanks in advance

Perhaps I misunderstood the OP, but that’s not what I understood his problem to be. I understood his problem to be a central server, “HO,” being able to determine which of a number of branch servers is which, when they’re all on identically-numbered, but physically separate subnets.

I’ve been doing networking a good many years and I’ll be darned if I know how that would be accomplished, but I’d be more than happy to learn.