doesn't work with HTTPS persistence, anyone experience this?

I have HTTPS persistence turned on at the default settings which seems to work fine. We have 2 WAN connections and lately my employees are always complaining that they can’t access Salesforce, it just times out and says “Error too many redirects.” If I set our outbound policy to only use WAN1 it works fine.

So I had to make a specific persistence rule for domain Is there any reason the default built in HTTPS persistence rule wouldn’t work in this case?

No specific rule is needed. Is the HTTPS persistence rule at the very top?

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Hey Tim!

That’s probably what the issue is, as I have the HTTPS persistence one at the bottom. Whenever I set up a new device it always has that one by default, then it adds any new ones on top of it. So I think I was just assuming it wanted to be at the bottom for some reason. I’ll try moving it back up to the top to see. It was just weird as online banking and other sites all work fine (they didn’t when I had HTTPS Persistence disabled). Either way I created 2 new rules to send domain traffic for and over Persistence and that fixed it. Those rules are, however, at the top of the list so makes sense now why it’s not working.

Thanks and have a great night!

Makes sense now :thumbsup: If you always leave the default HTTPS Persistence rule at the very top you will never need to create any specific rules for domains.

Happy Holidays!

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