S/N not found


I am trying to add my Pepwave Max BR1 into my incontrol2 but the message “S/N not found” returned.

Should I post the serial number here so you may able to check what’s wrong? thanks.



Please send the BR1 serial number to me via private message. I will further check on the this.

Thank You


I am getting the same thing with a brand new HD4. Can someone look into this for me?


Are you entering the serial number with the “-” in place? e.g.xxx-xxxx-xxxx


Hi @hklossner
Please remove you serial numbers from the public domain!
Send them via private message to one of the Peplink Staff members or open a support ticket, they should get back to you quickly.
Once you have opened a support ticket, share the ticket number on this thread then they will get back to you even quicker.


I have edited your posts. Please open a support ticket on this. Thanks


I currently have a support ticket open with the 3GStore, but I was hoping this would be quicker.