RVer looking to upgrade to pepwave

we are full time RVers, using a Verizon 8800L with a visible sim. Plus ATT on my iPhone ( hotspot). This mostly works.

im looking to upgrade to something more reliable and with 5g capability.

is a pepwave a good choice? Any input from the community is appreciated. ( alternatives could include: mofi, insty, hotspot, etc…)

Have been full timing & working from RV since December, 2019. If you have not done so, I would encourage you to go to the Mobile Internet Resource Center. They provide a variety of resources & reviews on equipment & data plans that can be very informative.
I have been using a Peplink Max Transit CAT-18 since May, 2020 & have found it to be more than adequate for my needs. I have yet to install my external antenna as the paddle antennas work very well. However, I’ve yet to camp/boon dock in locations where signal strength would be suspect.
I use an AT&T data plan from a 3rd party reseller & multiple Verizon data only plans. With these data plans, the CAT-18 was essentially a plug & play set up. The UI was very intuitive.
From my perspective, cellular modem/router capabilities have far outpaced what the US carriers are willing/able to provide at this point in time. Product certification for use on US carriers can also be problematic, especially with 5G service.
I would also encourage you to look at the forums of the other products you are considering. Information , or lack thereof, should provide some insight into the issues users are experiencing & what type of support you can expect to receive from the manufacturer or the use community.
Finally, as I understand it, 1st level support for Peplink products is handled by the selling partner of the Peplink product. Some do it better than others.
Good luck in your search.


Peplink is a great product, one of the most widely used by RV’ers and Boaters.

They are enterprise devices. Expect to pay $. Also, while some get lucky with using old grandfathered plans or third party “resellers” or getting a consumer plan to work, that is not a guarantee, and not a guarantee it will work forever. Enterprise/business plans are not cheap.

One of the best options is leveraging WiFi as WAN. On our Boats, most of our data is over WiFi WAN most of the year. Only when the boat leaves the marina does it switch to cellular. Still usage can be high even if the boat is only out for a week or two. You have to program the device to throttle certain types of usage and keep it in check some times but its do-able. Most critical work stuff, calls, video conferencing, etc, always gets top priority.

Tons of info already available. Spend some hours/days/weeks researching! :slight_smile:

I have a travel van which I use occasionally and am very happy with my Pepwave Max BR1 Mini.
It has dual SIMs and I have one Verizon and one ATT SIM.

The device only has one cellular modem, and it does take about 2-3 minutes to switch SIMs, during which time the internet is offline. This is fine for me with my light usage, but if I were living full time in an RV or have multiple using the internet, you might want to think about a dual modem model which can have both SIMs operating simultaneously, which means the transition is seamless (or at least much quicker).