RV Max Transit Duo with External Antenna and Internal AP


I’m new to Pepwave but just got one of the Max Transit Duo setups for my RV. I have it installed with an external 7in1 antenna. Since the WiFi AP is now outside and up on a pole I wanted to get an AP to mount inside the RV. I have a Unifi network at home and planned to pair a Unifi AP NanoHD with the MTD however I’m looking for confirmation that I can configure the two to perform as a best-link mesh setup using the same SSID. From what I understand this is possible with the Pepwave AP and the built in controller but I can’t find any info on configuring it with a 3rd party AP. Are there any concerns going with the Unifi AP or should I get a Pepwave AP instead? Does anyone have experience with the performance of the 2 options Unifi vs PW AP? Thanks

The built-in controller does not work with other vendors AP’s so I would look at getting a Pepwave AP. The APO-AX or APO-AX-Lite are great choices.

Since you are using an external 7in1 antenna I would disable the AP on the MTD and just use that antenna as a good Wi-Fi as WAN source. Your new Pepwave AP will more than cover your RV.

This setup will give you the best of both worlds in terms of performance.


I was using a similar setup for a period of time.

So long as the SSID parameters (name, security settings, etc) are configured identically on both AP’s, the client will pick whichever is providing the strongest signal at the moment it attempts to connect.

Depending on the situation as your devices move toward/away from the RV you may need to toggle your client devices wifi if you find its attached to the less-desirable AP.

The Pepwave will have no awareness to the UBNT AP and visa-versa. You will also find “rogue access point warnings” in both products for the other AP. Easily ignored…

A downside of the UBNT setup is it will depend on VPN connectivity back to your home (or wherever your UBNT controller is hosted) for the AP in the RV to be managed. If your VPN is always on or you never make changes this shouldnt be a problem and the AP will work without connectivity back to the UBNT controller. There is no way to control 3rd party AP’s within the Peplink itself to my knowledge.