Rural Internet Setup

I apologize if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find anything and I’m not well versed on the technical side of this. We live in a rural location and have no access to wired or broadband internet, but do have good Verizon reception. We’ve been surviving on a dedicated Verizon Hotspot (4G for 15 GB then throttled after that) and hotspots through our phones after throttling kicks in. I’m looking for a product that would balance/bond through multiple cellular connections without having to remove the SIM from our phones.

Here is what I envision: SIM from existing Verizon hotspot put into a router. Multiple USB input ports so when 1 or 2 of us are home we can hook our phone(s) to the router as a USB hotspot. Router will combine all these sources into a solid Wifi connection for us to stream from (Roku) or connect to with a laptop or iPad.

I’m not sure which product would fit this and appreciate any direction you can give. Thanks for the help.

In what country do you reside?

Yeah, I think the MAX Mobile line of products would be what you’re looking at here. Dependent on throughput, the Balance 30 Pro or one of the BR1 series, personally I’m thinking the BR1 ENT, either should get things taken care of.

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United States - North Texas

Thank you. The BR1 ENT was what I was leaning towards just wanted to verify it would work without a wired LAN (cellular only) and would bond multiple cellular hotspots and increase the overall speed.

Now just to be clear, if you want Bonding (2+2=4) that requires a SpeedFusion connection to another Peplink. The ENT would Load Balance between your connections on it’s own which I think would still get you what want you’re looking for with the built in cell modem for the SIM and the USB to connect you’re Android phones.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the ENT doesn’t have built in WiFi so you’d need a dedicated AP for that .

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@Jason is right, of course, regarding teh equipment. You may have some other service options that may be more cost effective. I’ll send you a PM.

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