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Have the Peplink RSS feeds changed? I just noticed that mine aren’t getting updated anymore :frowning:

Cheers Ian

We do not maintain any RSS feed. To get our latest updates, you can follow us on Twitter ( or using facebook (Peplink).

Oh, but you did previously maintain RSS feeds?

No. Do you have the URL of that RSS feed?


These are the ones I was using (they stopped working in early December 2011).

We changed the forum software. That’s why these RSS will no longer exists.

You can also subscribe to the forum using email by clicking on “FORUM TOOLS” -> “SUBSCRIBE TO THIS FORUM” on the right hand side of the black title bar.

Ok thanks.

We have re-enabled RSS for the forum. You can subscribe it by clicking the RSS icon located in the middle of each forum on the home page.

I hope it will make things convenient for everyone.

The new forums have RSS…

Everything Else:
feed:Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

When visiting a page you should see the RSS logo up near the address bar (different for each browser) click on the RSS icon and it will give available RSS links.