I’m new to pep link so please go easy on me lol

I have a client that would like all the data traffic to go through sim a then all the voip traffic over sim b is this possible please ??

the setup at the moment is port one runs every think, what I would like to do is setup port 1 to goto sim 1 and port 2 to goto sim 2

if any one could help with this please

What product are you referring to?

I belive its the max BR1

The MAX BR1 only has a single modem so there is no way to route specific traffic over a specific SIM card. The secondary SIM card is for failover and redundancy. Thanks.

The BR1 has two SIM slots but only one modem. This means that only one SIM card can be used at a time.
If one SIM card fails and WAN or WIFI WAN is available, the failover can happen pretty quickly but a new WAN IP address will be used so VoIP traffic will probably need to redial their calls.
If fail over is between the two SIM cards, it can take 20 - 90 seconds for the other SIM to connect to the cellular network as the two SIMs are using the same modem.

For what you describe, please consider a MAX Transit Duo for mobile situation or Balance ONE CORE for fixed lines.